Save Food Asia Pacific

Post-harvest losses particularly in the traditional supply chains that supply the food requirements of mass markets in the region are quite high. These losses range from 15-50% for fruits and vegetables and 12-37 % for rice, which result largely due to poor functioning of supply chains. Currently, many Asian countries are facing growing concerns of food waste and food losses, reduced food availability, increasing GHG emissions and waste of resources like land, water and energy. The ACISAI in collaboration with FAO RAP (the FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific) launched a campaign to draw attention towards issue of food losses and waste in the region, advocate for strategic efforts and actions geared towards reducing losses and contributing to Sustainable Development Goal 12 (responsible production and consumption).

The main objectives of this campaign were:
a) to raise public awareness on the magnitude of food losses and waste and their impacts on food security and hunger;
b) to advocate for reduction of food losses and waste,
c) to promote the development of policy measures and strategic approaches along with guidance for developing interventions for reducing food losses and waste in Asia and Pacific Region.

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